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UC Global Food Initiative Student Fellowship/Internship Opportunity

Interested in urban agriculture, sustainable food systems, and food justice? Three $2,500 awards will be given to registered UCSD students (undergraduate and/or graduate students) to conduct research in the areas supported by UCSD's UC Global Food Initiative. Keith Pezzoli, Department of Communication, will be happy to answer any questions you may have (email: kpezzoli@ucsd.edu). Apply now. Deadline is October 30, 2014. You can access the application form at: http://urp.ucsd.edu/ (see News section).

Collaboration with Keith Pezzoli

The Communication Department would like to welcome its newest faculty member, Keith Pezzoli. Keith will serve as Director of the Urban Studies and Planning Program at UC San Diego, and will be working closely with the Communication Department to incorporate the program within our curricular framework. Off campus, Pezzoli directs The Global Action Research Center (The Global ARC), a not-for-profit organization that promotes just and sustainable bioregionalism. Pezzoli's work integrates science, green business, art and multimedia communications for healthy communities through progressive social networking regionally and globally. It's an exciting time ahead!

Carol Padden appointed dean of the Division of Social Sciences

Carol Padden, a MacArthur award-winning scholar of sign languages and a longtime member of the university community at UC San Diego – first as a graduate student in Linguistics and then a faculty member in Communication – will begin her service as the new dean of social sciences on Oct. 1, 2014.


Congratulations to James Perez , Ph.D. in Communication and Ethnic Studies, who has accepted a professorship in the department of Mass Communication at Wiley College in Marshall, Texas.

Fernando Dominguez Rubio was awarded the SAGE Prize for Innovation and Excellence for his 2013 article “Materials in the Field: Object-Trajectories and Object-Positions in the Field of Contemporary Art,” published in Cultural Sociology. The prize is given annually by the British Sociological Association and SAGE Publishers.

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Upcoming Talks

Open Dialogue  Fall Quarter 2014
Wednesday, December 3rd 12:30-2:00pm
Boatema Boateng “My Holy Black Leather Jacket: African Diasporas, Clothing and the Negotiation of Race and Space in the U.S.”
Department of Communication: MCC 201