Welcome to the Department of Communication at UC San Diego

The Communication Department at UC San Diego began as a program in 1970 through the efforts of student activists and faculty concerned with the social power of the mass media. We transitioned from an academic program to a formal department in 1982, the first Communication department in the University of California system, and began admitting PhD students in 1985.

Black and white photo of the Media and Communication Center building

Today we have an impressively diverse community of 750 undergraduate majors, a talented graduate cohort of approximately 50 doctoral students, and 24 ladder-rank and affiliated faculty trained in communication and media studies, sociology,  education, political science, anthropology, history, linguistics, media/film production, cultural studies, disability studies, science and technology studies, information studies, human-computer interaction, feminist theory, and critical legal and policy studies. 

Home to two recipients of the MacArthur Genius Award, the department is recognized, nationally and internationally, for the quality of its educational programs, the innovative, award-winning scholarship of its faculty, and the distinctly critical, interdisciplinary approach we bring to the field. 

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Statement against War in the Middle East

January 11, 2020
We, the undersigned, are opposed to war as a solution to resolving hostilities 
between the Government of the United States and Iran.  We call on Congress 
to use its powers of the purse to stop this senseless rush to war that can only 
end with disastrous consequences. We condemn assassinations and terrorism 
as instruments of Government policy and demand that the U.S. Government 
cease its provocations of Iran and seek diplomatic channels to resolve its 
political differences. We call on academics and academic institutions 
everywhere to join with us in raising our voices against war and in seeking 
a peaceful resolution of this conflict.  
Whatever one may think about Iran or General Sulemani, the assassination