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Academic Advising

Virtual drop-in advising appointments will be available during the first two weeks of each quarter.
Advising appointments for long-term planning will be available during week 3 - week 10.


Contact Us!

Students can contact a Communication Department advisor:

  • Via email at
  • Submit a question through Virtual Advising Center (VAC)
  • Via scheduled virtual drop-in advising (see section below)
  • Via a scheduled advising appointment (see section below)

We look forward to helping you!

Virtual Drop-In Advising

Virtual drop-in advising is intended for quick questions and to help students finalize their schedules. 

Our next virtual drop-in advising sessions will be during Week 10 of Spring Quarter 2022:

We expect drop-in wait time to be approximately 5-20 minutes, with a longer wait time at the beginning of the session. An advisor will give you access from the waiting room when it is your turn.

Scheduled Advising Appointments

Appointments are 30 minutes and are available to address more detailed and complex questions, such as: 
  • Long-term quarter-by-quarter plan
  • Readmission Forms
  • SAP Appeal Forms
  • Academic Probation/Disqualification Concerns
  • Questions and referrals to other campus resources
Advising appointments for long-term planning will be available during week 3 - week 10 of each academic quarter. Please contact to schedule an appointment. 

Prospective (non-UCSD) Students 

Please refer to the Office of Admissions for any admissions questions as our department primarily serves current students. 

What kind of advisor should I see?

If you are unsure where to seek support please review the following guidelines. 

For specific contact details, you can download the Navigating Academic Advising and Records at UC San Diego.

College Academic Advisor

  • General Academic Support
  • College General Education Requirements (IGETC, TAG, writing courses)
  • Quarter by quarter planning for college general education & university requirements
  • Petition course for general education requirements
  • University Policies
  • Graduation and Unit Requirements
  • Assist with study abroad, financial aid, VA forms, International Center forms, student-athlete forms, and verifying
    completion of college and university requirements for graduation

Major / Minor Advisor

  • Advice on Major or Minor Requirements
  • Petitioning a course for credit towards a major/minor requirement
  • Global Health Field Experience Requirement
  • Double Major Petition
  • Application for Special Studies Course (Independent Research 198/199)

Career Center Advisor

  • Career exploration
  • Online and in-person career assessments
  • Employment search skills, including resume and cover letter development, job applications, and interviewing
  • Graduate school information, including how to apply and general requirements