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Academic Advising

Advising appointments for long-term planning will begin on October 11th after the add/drop deadline.

Academic Advising Contact - Three Options

UCSD students can meet with an advisor in person or submit a question through VAC. The COMM Advising Office does not answer advising questions via email and phone due to confidentiality. 

Virtual Advising Center (VAC)

Current UCSD students can submit a question through the Virtual Advising Center. We encourage students to contact us through VAC as much as possible for quick questions, if you can't stop by in person or when the advising office is closed. 

Scheduled Appointments

Appointments are 30 minutes and are available to address more detailed and complex questions such as: 

  • Long-term quarter-by-quarter plan
  • Career Counseling
  • Academic Probation/Disqualification Concerns
  • Readmission Forms
  • SAP Appeal Forms
  • Options for majors
  • Questions and referrals to other campus resources

To make an advising appointment, please sign up using the COMM Advising Google Appointment Calendar. Students must log in to Google Mail using your UCSD account. Advising appointments are released every Monday for the following week. Please check the calendar periodically for openings. 

To cancel an appointment slot you've already booked, please contact 

Graduate Advising Appointments

These appointments are for Communication majors only, with advice tailored specifically to Comm students applying to any kind of advanced degree program. Appointments are 30 minutes and are available to address more detailed and complex questions such as: 

  • School selection
  • Test prep
  • Help with your Statement of Purpose
  • Application review
  • Deciding which program to attend once having earned admission
Interested? Sign up for an appointment using this link:

Prospective Students 

Please refer to the Office of Admissions for any admissions questions as our department primarily serves current students. 

Who should I see?

If you are unsure where to seek support please review the following guidelines. 

For specific contact details, you can download the Navigating Academic Advising and Records at UC San Diego (developed by Eleanor Roosevelt College Advising).

College Advisor

  • General Academic Support
  • College General Education Requirements (IGETC, TAG, writing courses)
  • Quarter by quarter planning for college general education & university requirements
  • Petition course for general education requirements
  • University Policies
  • Graduation and Unit Requirements
  • Assist with study abroad, financial aid, VA forms, International Center forms, student-athlete forms, and verifying
    completion of college and university requirements for graduation
Major/Minor Advisor
  • Advice on Major or Minor Requirements
  • Petitioning a course for credit towards a major/minor requirement
  • Global Health Field Experience Requirement
  • Double Major Petition
  • Application for Special Studies Course (Independent Research 198/199)

Career Services

  • Advice on overall career acquisition 
  • Online and in-person career assessments
  • Employment acquisition including resume and cover letter development, job applications, and interview skills
  • Graduate school acquisition including applications and general requirements