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Affiliated Research Groups, Centers, and Laboratories

professor David Serlin speaks at a podium in a black studio space in front of a small audience

Caption: Associate Professor David Serlin speaks at the Symposium on Disability, Intersectionality and State Violence in 2018 hosted by the Transdisciplinary Disability Studies group

Faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates in the Department of Communication collaborate in research groups, centers, and laboratories across UC San Diego. 

Critical Data Studies Working Group

The interdisciplinary CDS Working Group @ UCSD is a forum for discussion and collaboration on issues thematically related to data and society. Critical Data Studies is a widely expanding field whose starting point is the idea that data are not neutral representations of reality but rather function as a form of power, produced and mobilized to serve a variety of social agendas.

The Democracy Lab

The Democracy Lab is a new collective of scholars and practitioners invested in critical and interdisciplinary approaches to various forms and definitions of Democracy.

Just Transitions Initiative

Our goal is to work towards a world where many worlds can co-exist and thrive. The purpose is not only to support ongoing projects of associated members but also to open avenues of collaboration among faculty, students, and researchers from within and beyond the Design Lab. The JTI provides a welcoming space to seed community-engaged research through events, skill-shares, and workshops.  

Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition (LCHC)

The Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition (LCHC) is our oldest affiliated laboratory and a community of interdisciplinary scholars who share an interest in the study of human mind in its cultural and historical contexts.

Nature, Space, and Politics (NSP)

Nature, Space, and Politics convenes around a shared interest in the spatial politics of discourses, imaginations and scientific interventions made in the name of nature. NSP is an interdisciplinary and cross-divisional group of faculty and graduate students working across the Humanities and Social Sciences at UC San Diego funded by the International Institute.

Transdisciplinary Disability Studies (TDS)

Transdisciplinary Disability Studies (TDS) is an interdivisional group that provides a designated forum for intellectual exchange about criticaltransdisciplinary disability studies on the UC San Diego campus.

The CommPlayground

The CommPlayground is a space of intellectual exchange and conversation for members of the department. The idea behind it is to move beyond conventional academic formats of knowledge production (e.g. the seminar, the reading group, the paper presentation) to create a space of intellectual and pedagogic experimentation where it is possible to think and imagine otherwise.

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