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Graduate Students

  • Marwa Abdalla

    Marwa Abdalla
    Research interests: Media, Critical Muslim Studies, Islamophobia, Racism and Racialization
  • Ben Berners-Lee

    Ben Berners-Lee

    Research Interests: cognitive semantics, semiotics, metaphor, ethnomethodology, phenomenology. 

  • Taylor Brough

    Taylor Brough
  • Sean Canzone

    Sean Canzone
    Research Interests: processes of cultural breakdown and extreme isolation, structural and existential practices of escape, digital media. 
  • Tony Hyunduck Cho

    Tony Hyunduck Cho

    Science Studies Program
    Research Interests: Anthropology of technological acceleration, design after acceleration, “slow futures,” material design, environmental justice and social inequality in design, critical data studies
  • Thomas Conner

    Thomas Conner
    Science Studies Program
    Research Interests: cultural histories and media effects of holograms and hologram simulations.

    After Graduation: Lecturer, Department of Communication, University of California San Diego

  • Googie (Marion) Daniels

    Googie (Marion) Daniels

    Transdisciplinary Disability Studies Graduate Student Co-Coordinator Research Interests: deaf communities, American Sign Languages, US disability legislation and policy, bi/multilingualism, linguistic colonialism, accessibility, intersectionality.

  • Magdalena Donea

    Magdalena Donea
    Science Studies Program
    Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellow
    Research Interests: Phenomenology and sense/knowledge of place and placelessness. Communication as embodied and emplaced, situated practice. Surveillance and critical data studies. Spatial knowledges, critical mapping, disaster, dispossession and displacement.
  • Alex Edelstein

    Alex Edelstein
    Critical Gender Studies Program

  • Ignacio Evans

    Ignacio Evans
  • Carmel Farzaneh

    Carmel Farzaneh
  • Asia Feiss

    Asia Feiss
    Science Studies Program
    Research Interests: assistive, and wearable technologies for high-performance athletes, ability
  • Rachel Fox

    Rachel Fox
    Science Studies Program
    Critical Gender Studies Program
    Transdisciplinary Disability Studies Graduate Student Coordinator
    Research Interests: Fat Studies, Disability Studies, STS, Narrative Medicine/Health Humanities, Feminist Studies, Online Communities

  • Keli L Gabinelli

    Keli L Gabinelli

    Research interests: Housing, property technologies, suburbia, the nuclear family
  •  Sam Gaffney

    Sam Gaffney
    Research Interests: Coal, extractivism, labor and labor history, environmentalism and environmental justice, techno-idealism, infrastructure
  • Eva Marie Gonzalez Ruskiewicz

    Eva Marie Gonzalez Ruskiewicz
    Research interests: Queer and trans studies; popular music and sound studies; performance studies
  • Aaron Gozum

    Aaron Gozum

    Research Interests: art, activism, cultural studies, epistemology, ethnic studies, globalization, violence
  • Angelo Haidaris

    Angelo Haidaris
    Science Studies Program

  • Anvar Hassanpour

    Anvar Hassanpour
  • Jacob Hellman

    Jacob Hellman
    Research Interests: the cultural nexus of accumulation and the creation of new economic subjectivities and the popularization of early-stage startup investing.
  • Keven Hernandez

    Keven Hernandez
  • Dorothy Howard

    Dorothy Howard
    Research Interests: cognitive and material aspects of participation and work in information societies, post(de)colonial critiques of information production, social computing, feminist research methodologies, information activism, syndicalism, the history of volunteering, archives, and contemporary and digital art practices.
  • Andrea Juárez

    Andrea Juárez
    Research interests: Fashion, Streetwear/Hypebeast Culture, Culture Industries, Racial Capitalism, Labor Studies, Globalization, Consumerism, Semiotics
  • Ramal L. Johnson

    Ramal L. Johnson
    Research Interests: Studying superhero media and implementing ethnography, ethnology, deconstructive reflexivity, critical race theory, and epistemology and axiology from anthropological standpoints.
  • Kerry Keith

    Kerry Keith
    Critical Gender Studies Program
    Research interests: critical geography; prison abolition; environmental toxicity; infrastructure
  • Jungyoung Kim

    Jungyoung Kim

  • Sookyong Ko

    Sookyong Ko
    Research Interests: Media theory, phenomenology, visual culture, visual semiotics, cultural studies, affect theory, emotional and sensual aspects of media interaction, theories on evolving media and human perception of information.
  • Julia Kott

    Julia Kott
    Science Studies Program
    Research interests: accessibility, digital classrooms, instructional design, surveillance technologies, histories of technologies, subjectivities, online proctoring and other forms of watching.
  • Olga Lazitski

    Olga Lazitski
    Keywords: media endarkenment, alternative professional journalism, journalistic norms, journalistic practices, ideology of objectivity, media systems, hybrid regimes, authoritarianism, propaganda, public spheres, populism, nationalism, ethnography, discourse analysis, situational analysis, grounded theory
  • Grant Leuning

    Grant Leuning

  • Yazhou Liu

    Yazhou Liu

  • Kathryne Metcalf

    Kathryne Metcalf
    Science Studies Program
    Research Interests: (post)genomics, biomedicine, tissue economies, critical data studies, privacy and health data, surveillance studies
  • Corey Metcalfe

    Corey Metcalfe
    Research Interests:  Analog & digital games; pop culture; online platforms
  • Loreto Montero

    Loreto Montero
    Research Interests: the relationship between media images and collective memory about the last decade in Chilean society
  • Joseph Moreno

    Joseph Moreno

  • Teresa Naval

    Teresa Naval
    Science Studies Program

  • Lindsey Ortega

    Lindsey Ortega
    Research Interests: anti-imperialism, climate justice, decolonizing epistemologies, food sovereignty, mutual aid, revolutionary socialism, U.S. hegemony

  • Manel Palos Pons

    Manel Palos Pons

  • Erika Ramirez-Mayoral

    Erika Ramirez-Mayoral
    Critical Gender Studies Program
    Research Interests: Gendered Notions of Place and Placemaking, Rural Studies, Oral History Practices, Development and Infrastructure
  • Nithyanand Rao

    Nithyanand Rao
    Science Studies Program
    Research Interests:  Science-state-publics relations, Journalism studies, History of particle physics in India
  • Vandhana Ravi

    Vandhana Ravi

  • Ren Reyes

    Ren Reyes
    Science Studies Program
    Research Interests: (dis)ability, technology, culture
  • Pepe Rojo

    Pepe Rojo

  • Paula Santa Rosa Siqueira Mendes

    Paula Santa Rosa Siqueira Mendes

  • Akshita Sivakumar

    Akshita Sivakumar
    Science Studies Program
    Research Interests: Simulations and 3D modeling practices | diffuse objects | representation and situated practices in interdisciplinary design | indeterminacy | participatory design technology | f/open source software for creative production | visual and material culture | feminist technoscience
  • Lian Song

    Lian Song
    Science Studies Program

  • Sophie Staschus

    Sophie Staschus
    Science Studies Program


  • Veronica Uribe del Aguila

    Veronica Uribe del Aguila
    Science Studies Program
    Feminist Labor Lab
    Research Interests: intersection between critical geography, design, labor, and feminist/ decolonial STS
  • Nicoletta Vangelisti

    Nicoletta Vangelisti
    Critical Gender Studies Program
    Artist and digital entertainment producer
    Senior Teaching Assistant
    Research Interests: Political economy of art philanthropy, media making as resistance, critical gender studies, decolonial art practice, antiracist methodologies, ethics of storytelling, institutional ethnography, transgender studies
  • Jonathan Walton

    Jonathan Walton
    Research Interests:  institutions of social control, particularly in China, and their relationship to international discourses and practices of crisis management and policing.
  • Elisabeth Wiering

    Elisabeth Wiering

  • Linnea Zeiner

    Linnea Zeiner
    Research Interests: grunge, punk, Mixed Reality Pedagogy/Design, Digital Humanities Pedagogy/Design, girls’ studies, Sci-fi/Pop Dystopias, 19th-20th Century U.S. History