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 Continuing Lecturers

  • Camille Campion

    Camille Campion
  • Denise McKenna

    Denise McKenna

  • Andrew Whitworth-Smith

    Andrew Whitworth-Smith

    Research: Latin Americanist whose research involves cultural production and media industries, digital media and activism, journalism, and media policy. I situate my work at the intersection of cultural studies and critical political economy against the backdrop of globalization. The key questions I engage pertain to the impact of new media on the production of culture, on journalism and on political processes.


  • Soraya Abuelhiga

    Soraya Abuelhiga

  • Robert Campbell

    Robert Campbell
  • Gavin Halm

    Gavin Halm


    Personal Website:

  • Nancy Lee

    Nancy Lee

  • Amanda Peacher

    Amanda Peacher
  • Pepe Rojo Solis

    Pepe Rojo Solis


    Pepe Rojo practices interference in the California border zone both in Mexican and English, as there is no other way to go at it in Tijuana, where he has spent most of his life for a decade and a half. He has published 7 books and more than 300 texts dealing with fiction, media, and contemporary culture, while exploring hybrid formats and genres from sf interventions at the border crossing, speculative theory and fiction to a philosophical dictionary of Tijuana. His work bridges literature, art and academic practices. He is currently raising “Tierra y Libertad” flags, and has just survived a Communication PhD at UCSD. Online, he sometimes is a rugby field, but mostly dwells at

  • Laura Pavón Aramburú

    Laura Pavón Aramburú


    Laura Pavón Aramburú holds a PhD in Latin American, Iberian and Latino Cultures from the CUNY Graduate Center. Her research centers around the creation of historical truth as a journalistic and literary task within the emergence of mass feminisms in 21st century Mexican culture.