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International Institute Faculty and Graduate Working Group

Building on ongoing interdisciplinary discussions enabled by two consecutive International Institute Faculty and Graduate Working Groups - Cities, Space and Politics (2018) and Nature Space and Politics (2019) - our group convenes around a shared interest in the spatial politics of discourses, imaginations and scientific interventions made in the name of nature.

Organized under the same name as last year, Nature, Space and Politics, and expanding our interest in urban settings, we focus on:

  1. The ways in which popular struggles over land are translated in ecological questions in late capitalist societies;
  2. The intersections of ecological thinking with urbanism and the built environment through an ethnographic and historical lens;
  3. The formation of scientific techno-utopias and spaces of experimentation about the future in the face of climate change.

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We regularly send out emails both about upcoming Nature, Space, & Politics events as well as invites to relevant events around San Diego and surrounding regions.