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Communication Minor Requirements


All courses must be taken at UCSD Communication Department for a letter grade. Core courses cannot be transferred or taken abroad.

1 Lower Division Core Course

COMM 10: Introduction to Communication

2 Upper Division Core Courses

Choose 2 of the following: 

  • COMM 100A: Communication, the Person, and Everyday Life (Prereq: COMM 10)
  • COMM 100B: Communication, Culture, and Representation (Prereq: COMM 10)
  • COMM 100C: Communication, Institutions, and Power (Prereq: COMM 10)

4 Upper Division Electives

  • 1 Advanced Elective is required, which are courses from COMM 120-189 (Prereq: COMM 10 and at least one COMM 100 course)
  • 3 additional upper division electives are required and can be any combination of Intermediate Electives (COMM 101-119 - Prereq: COMM 10) and Advanced Electives (COMM 120-189 - Prereq: COMM 10 and at least one COMM 100 course)

Note: Students cannot use courses outside of the department nor can they use COMM 198 & 199 courses to satisfy any minor requirements.

Quarter by Quarter Plans

Our academic advisers have developed detailed quarter-by-quarter plans to help you successfully navigate your journey as a Communication scholar at UC San Diego

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