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Keli L. Gabinelli

Doctoral Student

My work focuses on the intersection of housing and media technologies, specifically looking at home security technologies and neighborhood/resident-based social media platforms. I examine how American suburbia has been co-produced with security technologies and the expansion of Neighborhood Watch programs, alongside cultural shifts related to the home, the nuclear family, and labor conditions. I have written about the affectual dimensions of fear and security, and the role of resident social media platforms influencing local electoral politics and housing legislation. I am interested in how the home and private property came to be the cornerstone of wealth accumulation, and the conditions of financialization which restructured the economy around this principle.

MA in Media, Culture and Communication, NYU. 2017

BS in Cultural Anthropology, Towson University. 2014

BA in English, Towson University. 2014

(3) Theorizing the Web Presents: Watching Me, Watching You: