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Kerry Keith

Ph.D Candidate; Critical Gender Studies

I work in the intersection of critical geography and prison abolition. I examine environmental toxicity at spaces of incarceration to question its material impact on both buildings and bodies. I am interested in what prisons partially organized by pollution and toxicity reveal about State logics of incarceration. I research specific infrastructural and embodied effects to understand how toxicity contributes the the production and decomposition of carceral space. I argue the microscale of particulate matter is one entry to measurably evidence the fragility and incoherence of incarceration. This research is in service of amplifying the abolitionist axiom that no one is disposable. The entries I take in this research include: carceral and abolition geography, black geographies, feminist geography, queer theory, environmental racism and environmental justice, debilitation, and placemaking.
M.A. in Media, Culture, and Communication. NYU.
B.A. in Literature, Legal Studies, UC Santa Cruz