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Andrew deWaard

Assistant Professor of Media and Popular Culture

Dr. deWaard’s primary research interests are the cultural industries, the political economy of media, financial capital, media authorship, and the digital humanities. He is the co-author of The Cinema of Steven Soderbergh: indie sex, corporate lies, and digital videotape (Columbia University Press/Wallflower, 2013) and his current book project examines the financialization of film, television, and popular music. Dr. deWaard is also the co-founder of, a SSHRC-funded research project that studies stewardship models for independent music.

PhD - University of California, Los Angeles - Cinema and Media Studies (2017)

MA - Film Studies - University of British Columbia (2009)

BA - Film Studies and Media, Information, and Technoculture - University of Western Ontario (2005)


book cover featuring a black and white photo of steven soderbergh wearing a baseball cap, holdinga camera, and leaning against a wallThe Cinema of Steven Soderbergh: indie sex, corporate lies and digital videotape. Co-authored with R. Colin Tait. New York: Columbia University Press/Wallflower Press, 2013.

Refereed Journal Articles

“Financialized Hollywood: Institutional Investment, Venture Capital, and Private Equity in the Film and Television Industry,” JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies 59.4 (Summer 2020). Forthcoming. 

The Cultural Capital Project: Radical Monetization of the Music Industry.” Co-authored with Brian Fauteux and Ian Dahlman. IASPM@Journal 3.1 (2013).

The Geography of Melodrama, The Melodrama of Geography: The ‘Hood Film’s Spatial Pathos.”  Cinephile 4.1 (2008).  58-65.

The Global Social Problem Film.”  Cinephile 3.1 (2007).  12-18. [Full text pdf]

Chapters In Edited Collections

“Wall Street’s Content Wars: Financing Media Consolidation,” Content Wars: Tech Empires vs. Media Empires. Ed. Denise Mann. Oakland, CA: University of California Press. Forthcoming.

book cover featuring a color photo of Spike Lee with camera and a drawing of a brown fist on black background beneath

“The Hood Is Where the Heart Is: Melodrama, Habitus, and the Hood Film.”  Habitus of the ’Hood.  Eds. Chris Richardson and Hans Skott-Myhre. Chicago, IL: Intellect Ltd, 2012. 253 – 270. 

“Joints and Jams: Spike Lee as Sellebrity Auteur.”
Fight the Power!: The Spike Lee Reader.  Eds. Janice D. Hamlet and Robin R. Means Coleman.  New York: Peter Lang, 2008. 345-361. “Intertextuality, Broken Mirrors, and The Good German.” 
The Philosophy of Steven Soderbergh.  Eds. Steven M. Sanders and R. Barton Palmer.  Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky, 2010.  107-119.

Refereed Online Publications

ClipNotes in the Classroom: Film Annotation Software for Instruction and Collaboration.” Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier 3.3 (2016).

Refereed Bibliographies

Steven Soderbergh.” Oxford Online Bibliographies. Oxford University Press. 2015.

Selected Awards and Honors

Collegium of University Teaching Fellowship, 2016

Kemp R. Niver Award in Film History, 2015

University of California Humanities Research Institute Research Fellowship, 2015

Georgia Frontiere Scholarship In Memory Of The Humanitarian Efforts Of Aaron Curtis Taylor, 2014

Otis Ferguson Memorial Award in Critical Writing, 2013

Student Writing Award, Society for Cinema and Media Studies, 2012

Jack K. Sauter Award, 2012

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Doctoral Fellowship, 2011

UC Regents Special Fellowship, 2011

Chancellor’s Prize, 2011