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Erin T. Hill

Assistant Professor of Media and Popular Culture

Dr. Hill worked in film development in New York and Los Angeles before undertaking study of the media industry. Her primary interest is in historical and contemporary media production in the United States, with particular focus on intersecting issues of gender, race and class in creative labor sectors. Her first book, Never Done: A History of Women's Work in Media Production (Rutgers UP, 2016), examines the role of feminized labor in U.S. film and television production from the 1890s to the present and draws connections to the ongoing struggles of women and people of color in integrating key creative fields in contemporary Hollywood.  Her current research investigates the development sector, where projects are scripted, financed and planned.
Dr. Hill holds a Master of Arts (2008) and a Ph.D. (2013) in Film and Television from the University of California Los Angeles and a Bachelor of Arts in Film/Video and Theater & Drama (1999) from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.


Never Done: A History of Women’s Work in Media Production. New Brunswick: Rutgers, 2016.

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