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Miscellaneous Forms

Quarter by Quarter Plans

Undergraduate Student Petition

The Undergraduate Student Petition may be used for department substitution and exception requests.

Academic Planning Worksheet

The Academic Planning Worksheet (link to copy a Google sheet) may be used to outline the courses you plan to take to complete the major and other requirements.

Double Major Petition Forms

The Double Major Petition and the Academic Planning Worksheet (link to copy a Google sheet) must be completed as part of the process for declaring a double major. The process is detailed further on the How to Declare a Double Major webpage.

When completing these double major forms, please do not list specific elective courses that you have not yet enrolled in. (The department cannot guarantee that the specific course you list will be taught in a particular quarter, or that you will be able to enroll.) Please instead note  "COMM UD Elective (101-189)" or "COMM Adv Elective (120-189)".