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Academic Opportunities

Study Abroad

Study Communication Abroad!

Whether you are interested in learning a new language, studying a specific culture and people, or simply want to broaden your horizons, it is important to plan your study abroad experience in advance in coordination with your departmental and college academic advisers.

Study Abroad Steps

  1. Visit the Study Abroad Program Office website to research available programs around the world. 

  2. Meet with the Study Abroad advisor who specializes in programs for Communication majors.

  3. Search for courses and see what previous Communication majors have taken abroad.

  4. Submit your Study Abroad Academic Planning Form to the COMM UG Advising Office ( for pre-approval. 

  5. Meet with your college academic advisor.

  6. Apply for scholarships to help finance your time abroad. 

  7. Study Abroad Experience Begins. Enjoy! Be sure to hold on to all of your course materials (syllabi, papers, etc.)

  8. After you've returned from abroad, and after those courses have posted to your academic history on your transcript, complete petition(s) to allow course(s) to count towards the COMM major's Intermediate Elective requirements. Include the title of the course, the number of units, and how the course related to the major. Attach the course syllabus. Submit completed petitions to the COMM UG Advising Office ( for review. 

Global Seminars

UC San Diego Global Seminars are summer session global experiences led by a UCSD professor. Students enroll in a package of two courses for a total of eight UCSD quarter units. Class sizes are between 15–28 students, so there are excellent opportunities for one-on-one interaction with some of the best faculty at UCSD. All courses are taught in English.

Please visit the UCSD Global Seminar webpage for more details. 

Research Opportunities

COMM 198 and 199

COMM 198: Directed Group Study in Communication is a group study completed with a professor of your choice.

COMM 199: Independent Study in Communication is an independent study completed with a professor of your choice.

Enrollment in COMM 198 and 199 is via a Special Studies Class petition through the Enrollment Authorization System (EASy).

Only one COMM 198 or 199 may be petitioned to count towards the Communication Intermediate Elective course requirement. Students must submit an Undergraduate Student Petition to

Other Research Opportunities

Communication undergraduate students are also encouraged to seek out research opportunitites within the Department through other coursework, as well as on campus through the Academic Enrichment Programs and Undergraduate Research Portal

Faculty and research staff offering research-oriented opportunities in the form of part-time jobs, internships, volunteer positions, or course credits (e.g., independent study) can post those opportunities directly on the Portal.  These opportunities supplement and enhance coursework, provide a chance to participate in ongoing research in the Department, and foster collaboration with faculty (helpful for obtaining letters of recommendation).

Academic Internships

Communication Department students have a wide variety of opportunities to gain advanced and specific experience as an intern to help propel your career goals. Many Communication students do internships in local firms and organizations, including media companies, advertising and public relations firms, non-profits and community organizations.

Academic Internship Program

Information about available internships can be found at the Academic Internship Program Office (located at Geisel Library in the Teaching + Learning Commons). The department's extensive list of off-campus internships will give you a sense of the kinds of internship opportunities previous Communication students have experienced.

Academic Internship Program Course (AIP 197)

The Academic Internship Program allows students to integrate academic theory and ‘real world' practice, engage in research that explores the relationship between the two, and gain hands-on experience in professional settings. 

Students who enroll in AIP 197 may petition to use one of these courses towards major's Intermediate Elective requirement. Once the AIP 197 grade is posted to your Academic History, complete an Undergraduate Student Petition. Include in the body of the petition the name of the company/organization, the start and end date, and 3 - 5 sentences about how the internship relates to the major. Submit the petition to for review.

Communication Department AIP Faculty Mentors

Fall 2022

Winter 2023
The Communication Department does not have assigned AIP faculty mentors during the summer. Please email individual faculty (for example, a faculty member whose course you've taken) to ask their willingness and availability to mentor you during your summer internship.