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Erika Ramirez-Mayoral

Doctoral Candidate

Erika Ramirez-Mayoral was raised in border towns in the Imperial Valley and the Coachella Valley. Before coming to UC San Diego she organized alongside young women and parents around education equity and co-founded Raices Girls and Women of Color Network, and Las Nepantleras in Coachella, CA. Her interdisciplinary scholarship and activist work explore the use of oral histories and personal narratives in social justice circles and community development in rural California. She is concerned with the role of counter-narratives in urban planning and public policy. In addition, Erika is interested in the memorialization of space and builds on the understanding of community archives through her work in narrative film and radio projects with various folks from the Eastern Coachella Valley.

MA Latin American Studies, UC San Diego

BA Film and Media Studies and Studio Art, UC Irvine