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Academic Internships

Communication Department students have a wide variety of opportunities to gain advanced and specific experience as an intern to help propel your career goals. Many Communication students do internships in local firms and organizations, including media companies, advertising and public relations firms, non-profits and community organizations.

Information about available internships can be found at the AIP Office (located at Geisel Library in the Teaching + Learning Commons). The department's extensive list of off-campus internships will give you a sense of the kinds of internship opportunities previous Communication students have experienced.

Academic Internship Program (AIP 197)

The Academic Internship Program (AIP) allows students to integrate academic theory and ‘real world' practice, engage in research that explores the relationship between the two, and gain hands-on experience in professional settings. 

Students may petition to count one AIP 197 towards a Communication Intermediate Elective requirement.


AIP Communication Department Faculty Mentors

Fall 2022

Winter 2023

Spring 2023


The Communication Department does not have assigned AIP faculty mentors during the summer. Please email individual faculty (for example, a faculty member whose course you've taken) to ask their willingness and availability to mentor you during your summer internship. 

Looking for Advice?

Our Undergraduate Academic Advisers are available to help you navigate our program. Academic Advising is available to all UC San Diego students who are registered and enrolled in classes. We also provide information about when and how to speak with your College advisor, your Major/Minor Advisor, and Career Services.

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