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Lillian Walkover

Assistant Teaching Professor in Communication and Global Health Program (joint appointment)

Lillian Walkover is a critical global health scholar, jointly appointed in the Department of Communication and Global Health Program. Her research and teaching interests include the production and movement of global health knowledges, postcolonial science and technology studies, health professions training and migration, and qualitative research methods.

She received her PhD in Sociology from the University of California, San Francisco, and her postdoctoral training at Drexel University. Her postdoctoral research at Drexel University with Susan Bell, PhD, is a study of the experiences and career paths of physicians who enter the US as refugees.

Dr. Walkover’s current projects include an exploration of the translation and adaptation of the community health guide Where There Is No Doctor for use in India, and a study of the adaptation of Community Health Worker programs in the US.

Dr. Walkover teaches a range of Communication and Global Health courses, including courses designed for students interested in the intersections between Communication and Global Health.

Recent courses taught include:

  • GLBH 20: Introduction to Global Health
  • ANSC/GLBH 148: Global Health and Cultural Diversity
  • GLBH 215: Community Health Workers
  • COMM 108G: Gender and Biomedicine
  • COMM 114T: Science Communication
  • COMM/GLBH 114W: Global Health Communication
  • COGR 201L: Qualitative Analysis of Information Systems (“Interviewing, Grounded Theory, and Situational Analysis”)

In addition, as a member of the interdisciplinary Structural Competency Working Group, she has developed and led trainings for health practitioners to recognize and respond to social structures as determinants of health and illness and mentored new trainers.

PhD in Sociology, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF, 2018)
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