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Morana Alač

Professor in Communication and Science Studies

Morana Alač conducts ethnographic research of scientific laboratories
and other settings of technology production and use where she focuses on
multimodal and multisensory aspects of ordinary interactional practice.

Areas of interest: ethnomethodology, interaction with technology, gesture, multimodality, and the senses.

Ph.D. in Semiotics, University of Bologna (2002)

Ph.D. in Cognitive Science, University of California, San Diego (2006)

  • Morana Alač, Yelena Gluzman, Tiffany Aflatoun, Adil Bari, Buhang Jing, German Mozqueda (2020): “Talking to a Toaster: How Everyday Interactions with Digital Voice Assistants Resist a Return to the Individual”, Evental Aesthetics, 9:1, 3-53. 
  • Morana Alač (2020) “Beyond Intersubjectivity in Olfactory Psychophysics I: Troubles with the Subject”, Social Studies of Science, 50:3, 440-473.
  • Morana Alač  (2020) “Beyond Intersubjectivity in Olfactory Psychophysics II: Troubles with the Object”, Social Studies of Science, 50:3, 474-502.
  • Morana Alač (2017) “The Model Reader and the Mundanity of Reading Practices,” In Beardsworth, S.  & R. E. Auxier (eds.) The Philosophy of Umberto Eco, Chicago: Open Court, 201-222.
  • Morana Alač  (2017) “We Like to Talk About Smell: A Worldly Take on Language, Sensory Experience, and the Internet”, Semiotica, 215: 143-192.
  • Morana Alač  (2016) “Zeigt auf den Roboter und schüttelt dessen Hand: Intimität als situativ gebundene interaktionale Unterstützung von Humanoidtechnologien”, Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft 15, 41-71.
    English translation: “Points to and Shakes the Robot’s Hand: Intimacy as Situated Interactional Maintenance of Humanoid Technology
  • Philippe Sormani, Morana Alač, Alain Bovet & Christian Greiffenhagen (2016): “Ethnomethodology, Video Analysis and STS: Interaction, Respecification, and Practice”, In Felt, U., Miller, C., Smith-Doerr, L and R. Fouché (eds) Handbook of Science and Technology Studies, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 113-137.
  • Morana Alač (2016): “Social Robots: Things or Agents?” AI & Society, 31(4), 519-535.
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  • Morana Alač, Javier Movellan, Fumihide Tanaka (2011) “When a Robot is Social: Enacting a Social Robot Through Spatial Arrangements and Multimodal Semiotic Engagement in Robotics Practice,” Social Studies of Science, 41(6), 126-159.
  • Morana Alač: Handling Digital Brains: A Laboratory Study of Multimodal Semiotic Interaction in the Age of ComputersMIT, 2011.Winner of 2013 Book Award, Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis Section of the American Sociological Association.
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